Clinical Leadership

Clinical Leadership at Simply Beautiful Smiles

With a patient-centric focus at the forefront of our mission, Simply Beautiful Smiles’ Clinical Leadership team is charged with ensuring our patients consistently receive outstanding care and enjoy positive experiences with each visit and treatment. Comprised of deeply experienced doctors covering a range of specialties and geographies, the Clinical Leadership Team will evaluate, develop, and implement policies and best practices that support clinical care, safety, and quality assurance. They will work with our team of doctors to evaluate technologies and supplies that provide the best clinical outcomes for our patients. Ultimately, our Clinical Leadership Team is accountable for the clinical quality of care that Simply Beautiful Smiles delivers and will champion our patient-centric culture throughout all that we do.

Growing Dental Expertise at Every Office

Unlike individual practices, Simply Beautiful Smiles, through the Clinical Leadership Team, will leverage doctor expertise and specialty to continuously elevate dental in every office to ensure teams are working to provide the very best in treatment, care, and technology. Patients can rest assured knowing that their treatment plans will not only be personalized but prescribed based on the expertise and shared knowledge of leading providers in a collaborative environment.

Meet The Clinical Leadership Team