Imagine a pulling into a dentist office parking lot and your children are all smiles with excitement. They’ve been waiting for weeks and are thrilled their appointment day is finally here.

Think that’s impossible? Think again.

Shawn Cruz, a satisfied patient at our office, recently had that experience with his two children. Cruz shares:

I’ve never enjoyed dental experiences like I do at Simply Beautiful Smiles and so much more important my children both love the dentist—like pure joy and hoorays when we pull up. If that alone doesn’t tell you how awesome this place is I don’t know what will!

With a wide array of dental services all in one location, more families are making the choice to use a full-service family dentist, like Simply Beautiful Smiles. Full-service dentistry brings all necessary procedures and services to one location under the care of highly-qualified dentists and specialists.

Consider the following benefits of a full-service family dentist and decide if one might be right for your family.

One Location for Services

One of the biggest benefits of a full-service dentist is convenience. The ability to bring every member of your family, from youngest to oldest, to one location for dental care just makes sense.

  • Schedule a routine cleaning for your eight-year-old while your teenager has a check-up for their braces;
  • Come for an appointment for your aging parent while you receive a quick whitening treatment or,
  • Schedule a wisdom teeth removal consult after routine dental X-rays.

Instead of appointments spread over multiple days and locations, a full-service family dentist streamlines your schedule freeing up several days a year—while also eliminating unnecessary school absences for your children.

Consistency in Care

Another benefit families receive when choosing a full-service family dentist is consistency in care.

From young patients seeing a dentist for the first time to adults struggling with snoring or sleep apnea,  patients stay with the same dentist from birth through adulthood. This long-term relationship between patient and dentist lays the foundation for excellent dental care as it fosters communication between patient, dentist, orthodontist, and specialists.

Real Relationships

The consistency in care leads to another high-valued benefit for families—real relationships with health care providers. In a day when the average face time with a doctor is eight minutes, families are searching for caregivers who know their names, their medical history, and their concerns. A full-service family dentist is the answer.

Dentists in these types of practices take seriously the full range of needs for their patients and invest extra time to provide the highest level of dental care. This patient-first vision provides families with security and confidence in their healthcare providers—who may also become their friends.

Less Paperwork

A lesser benefit than those above (but equally important to busy moms and dads), is less paperwork. It’s much easier to fill out personal and insurance forms one time and have them be securely shared across one office.  It saves time and cuts down on mistakes.

For families with multiple children and adults, less paperwork is a welcome change from the normal less-than-full-service office.

Families are embracing full-service family dentists for their convenience and for the long-term relationships they foster between patient and dentist. Parents like Shawn Cruz are happy they made the switch and are pretty convinced your children will be too—joyfully skipping right through the dentist office doors.

Simply Beautiful Smiles is a 16-location dental practice located in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The entire team looks forward to welcoming you to our practice and serving the dental needs of you and your family for years to come.

Learn more about our full-service practice by requesting an appointment today.