Many of us likely suffer from a condition we call “The Sweet Tooth”. It can be a hard and difficult condition to live with, leaving you craving anything sugary in sight. You probably indulge in these delicious treats more than you would like to admit, and we don’t blame you! Sugar is sweet and satisfying in the moment, but don’t be a victim of its charms. Here’s just a few reasons why you should consider putting down the donuts and Snickers bar the next time you begin feeling impulsive.

Weight Management

Okay, so I’m sure this is probably the first one that you thought of when I mentioned the negatives to sugar. Yes, refined and other sugars can lead to weight gain. If you are like me you may have wished once (or a gazillion times) that your super power would be to eat whatever you want without ever gaining a pound. I am so there with you! However, that just isn’t true for most people. Sugar causes your body to produce more insulin. Insulin helps sugar absorb into the cells in your body. This sugar is then stored away as “fuel” for when your body needs more energy. If you are not working off the same amount of energy as you are storing, then you end up building up fat throughout your entire body. I know it isn’t a great fact, but it’s a fact nonetheless and we can’t ignore it.

Dental Health

And now we are back to the “Sweet Tooth”, but we aren’t just talking about the cravings this time. When you were little you were probably told that if you eat all that candy your teeth will fall out of your head. There is some truth to that! We all have bacteria in our mouths even if we brush our teeth often (Gross!). A lot of types of bacteria in your mouth feed off of sugar. The bacteria then breaks down the sugar, creating acid. The acid sits on your teeth and eats away at your enamel until you brush your teeth again. Even if you brush morning and evening all the other hours in between brushings can be harmful when you are eating sugar on a regular basis. Once your enamel is damaged, the bacteria can then have a free for all and create cavities.


Finally, just a quick final nail in the sweet tooth coffin… Acne. Yes, sugar makes you break out! Sugar affects your hormones by releasing more insulin. The side effect of that is increased sebum in your pores. Sebum is an oily waxy substance that is secreted through your skin. Again, so gross and I’m sure not the look you’re going for.

I know sugary treats are so tasty and hard to resist. However, it is best to actually eat them as a TREAT, not a regular staple in your diet. Indulging our sweet tooth doesn’t always have to be a bad thing, but remember to do so in healthy moderation. Your body and your teeth will thank you for it!