When Dr. Dennis Balazsi started his practice in 1977, he did no marketing, but steadily grew his practice through patient referrals. The foundation of his dentistry is built on personal connections with each patient, ensuring they feel cared for in each visit. 

Patient-First Philosophy 

“When Dr. Lou D’Angelo first approached me seven years ago about joining my practice with Simply Beautiful Smiles, I knew of the organization by its good reputation. Through our conversations, I learned that his business philosophy was the same as my dental philosophy: Do the best you can for patients. It’s about helping patients, not selling things to them. 

Integrating my established practice into the Simply Beautiful Smiles family was seamless. They told me to just keep doing what I am doing, which is exactly what I did. And now, seven years later, we are still going strong.” 

Comfort in the Dentist Chair 

“As a dentist, I believe that it is my job to explain to patients their treatment options and my professional opinions, but ultimately, the patient has the final say in all decisions.  

I take time to explain each part of the process to them. From how each procedure will work to what I’m doing while they’re sitting in the chair, I tell them what to expect so there are no surprises. I care about their comfort as well as their health.” 

Personal Connections 

“And beyond that, I care about each of my patients as people. I’ve lived in this community my whole life – my high school is down the road from my office. Each patient is not just my patient, but also my neighbor. It is important to me that they know that I care, and I strive to build personal connections so they have a positive experience in my office while receiving quality dental care.”