The SBS PracticePLUS Executive Doctor Program

      Your Path to Office Ownership

      Few dentists undertake the significant effort and expertise of dental school to simply become an employee- even if they are well-compensated as such. At the same time, start-up costs to establish an independent practice an exceed $750,000. Purchasing an existing practice at upward of $1M is even further out-of-reach. The result, most dentists, even superstar dentists, see no viable path to controlling their career destiny. Current Simply Beautiful Smiles (SBS) dentists can become executive dentists through one of the following paths: buying a current SBS practice or building a de novo practice. Through this model, emerging doctors can fast-track their careers. Established dentists can determine how and where they spend their time, and dentists with families can have the freedom and flexibility to achieve the often-elusive work/life balance.

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      SBS PracticePLUS by the Numbers

      • The typical practice purchase price is $350,000
      • The borrower is the individual doctor
      • Financing available up to 90% of the purchase price for five years. Example: $315,000 financed on a $350,000 practice.
      • Loan fee is 0.5% of the loan amount.
      • Example: $1.575 on $315,000.
      • Rate of 250 basis points over five-year Bloomberg rate with a floor of 3.5%.
      • Unsecured loan may require an additional guaranty.
      • Personal depository relationship required.
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