Dr. Joe Oleske is committed to growth and development to continually improve the patient experience. At Simply Beautiful Smiles, he has expanded his specialized services to present more in-house options for his patients. 

Patient Relationships Built on Trust  

“My first impression of Simply Beautiful Smiles was that it was a patient-first organization – one with tremendous room for growth. And that was very refreshing. For Simply Beautiful Smiles, centralizing management, marketing, finance and other functions isn’t just about the numbers, it is fundamentally tied to enhancing patient care. In my mind, this is the model for the modern-day dental industry. 

Having grown up in the town I work in, my patients are also my neighbors. My dental philosophy is centered on patient relationships built on trust. I want my patients to see me as someone to educate them and help them make the best decisions for their oral health. I tell each patient: ‘I work for you.’ Simply Beautiful Smiles allows each dentist to spend the time with our patients that is necessary to allow that philosophy to continue.”   

Technological Growth 

I’ve always been drawn to technology and how technological advances can dramatically transform the dentistry experience for both patients and practitioners. For example, we were early adopters of digital imaging systems, and we developed the capacity to make crowns in-house. The advent of digital dentistry was truly transformative, and it inspired a curiosity to always be contemplating: what’s next? So, for me, it was important to join an organization that shares that mindset. One that continues to ask, how can we continue to improve the patient experience? And that’s very much the culture at Simply Beautiful Smiles. 

Specialized Services 

Beyond that, joining Simply Beautiful Smiles afforded an opportunity to continue expanding specialized services and to share that knowledge with other Simply Beautiful Smiles practices. Over the past several years, I’ve had an increasing focus on bone grafting, tissue management and implants.   

While these types of advanced procedures are typically outsourced to specialty providers, we are proud to provide them for our patients in-house at Simply Beautiful Smiles in Lakewood and Manahawkin. And I look forward to consulting with other offices in the Simply Beautiful Smiles family to provide the same for them.