In an effort to offer expanded services and efficient treatment, Dr. Roland Biron, an oral surgeon, and Dr. David Remiszewski, a prosthodontist, have teamed up to offer patients complete oral rehabilitation.

Dr. Biron and Dr. Remiszewski will meet with patients for initial consultations to carefully craft patient goals with a definitive prosthetically planned surgery in mind and then offer treatment recommendations. During the procedure, Dr. Biron will administer anesthesia, extract the teeth and place the necessary implants, after which Dr. Remiszewski will connect an esthetic and functional prosthesis using specialized abutments and see the patient to follow up with a definitive prosthesis after healing. The doctors will take advantage of the latest digital technology to plan and execute the procedure. Throughout the process, a full team of anesthesia assistants, surgical assistants and dental assistants will work closely alongside them.

Their partnership will allow patients who have struggled with their oral health and who have low confidence in their smiles to gain a brand new smile easier than ever before. Having the ability to do all of the treatment in-house removes the stress of seeing multiple dentists at multiple locations. Instead, all appointments will take place in one location, by one team who are working closely together to complete the treatment from start to finish, all in fewer visits than before.

“I became a prosthodontist because I saw the profound difference that I could make in my patients’ lives,” says Dr. Remiszewski. “This procedure will directly help our patients regain their health by improving their ability to eat and, most importantly, will improve their confidence by giving them a beautiful new smile.”

Dr. Biron says, “This is some of the most rewarding work I do. Most patients will spend years thinking about this kind of treatment, and we will be able to give them a new smile in a matter of hours.”

Dr. Biron, Dr. Remiszewski and the full Simply Beautiful Smiles family are committed to providing the highest quality care and offering expanded treatment options to patients. Through this partnership, patients with the greatest oral health challenges will receive top-tier treatment more efficiently and leave with a beautiful new smile on their face.