A Few Simple Tips Can & A Complimentary Dental Benefits Analysis Can Help You Maximize 2017!

Welcome to a new year, and with that you might have new dental benefits.  While not the most fun topic to cover, it’s one that often causes a lot of stress for patients in and out of the office.

Know What You’ve Got

The first thing you need to know is what you have and what you don’t have.  The last decade has seen some major shifts in employee coverage and plans change from year to year.  You may forget if you still have dental coverage and who it’s through.  So, a handy place to start is to find out IF you have dental insurance, and who through.

Simple enough?  You’d be surprised at how many people are caught off guard when they come in our doors.  We’re busy people, so it’s easy to get confused when things change.

What Does It Mean?

Insurance is confusing.  Plain and simple.  If you don’t deal with it daily, it can sometimes feel like they’re speaking foreign languages!  So, first things first, at our family of practices, we want you to know that we provide complementary benefit analyses for our patients.  We want to help you understand what your benefits are for the upcoming year.

Many policies renew on January 1st, and if yours is one then you have a huge advantage in the New Year! All of your benefits are replenished and you have a clean slate to work with. If you’d like help understanding your policy, give us a call and we’d be happy to help you out.

What’s Covered?

Most dental insurance plans cover regular cleanings, but it gets a little fuzzy for most people on how they cover things like sealants, x-rays, extractions, etc.  Then, you consider things like crowns, bridges and other cosmetic procedures and you really can have questions.  It’s okay to be confused by these!  And, we speak dental insurance here, so we’ll help you translate to understand what is covered and what isn’t.


Deductibles are another confusing thing in insurance, whether you’re talking about health insurance or dental. A deductible is the amount of money you need to pay out of pocket before insurance will cover your expenses. If you have a low monthly premium, chances are that your deductible is higher and vice versa. If your premium is higher monthly, than it is likely the opposite with a lower deductible. A good thing to ask when you’re researching insurance info is what your deductible is and if it’s family or individual.

New Year. Fresh Start…Or is it really a fresh start?

Most insurance plans start over at January 1.  However, not all do, which means you may have benefits remaining that you need to use before they expire.  Be an informed patient and know what expires when!

Now is a GREAT time to do a little bit of research to know what you have available to you to help you keep those pearly whites shining bright.  Insurance can be confusing, but you don’t have to feel alone, which is why we have a free benefits analysis for our patients.  We’re here to help you understand what you can use and when.  Let us know how we can help!