Dr. Roland Biron has established a team approach to dentistry through listening, learning, and personalizing patient care. He’s passionate about putting patients at ease, building trust and ensuring they know they have a voice in their treatment process.   

Patients First  

I try to stress to my patients that Simply Beautiful Smiles is a team, from their initial interaction with our front desk staff and throughout every appointment, and that they, the patientsare a part of our team. They have an important voice in their care.”  

Listen and Learn   

I want to listen to the patient first, to learn why they’re here, what their goals, expectations and fears are. Once those are established, we can take some steps back and discuss how we’ll get to the end result. I always sit down next to the patient to have that conversation.  

Most patients come to my office with anxiety about the upcoming surgery, and I give them space to express those feelings, so I can reassure them that we have the experience and training taddress the issue. I strive to build trust, develop a rapport and put them at ease. 

When I joined Simply Beautiful Smiles in 2009 as its first oral surgeon, I was extremely impressed with their philosophy and focus on providing patients with the very best treatment and care. I’ve embraced this mantra wholeheartedly and make every effort to increase my patients’ confidence, pride, and quality of life.”  

A Passion for Care 

I found a passion in oral surgery and I am fortunate to practice it every day. I love what I do. I especially love the technology, the new innovations that advance the field, and the ability to offer anesthesia (sleep dentistry) as an adjunct to my practice. Having a positive impact, not only on patients’ dental health, but on their lives is rewarding and extraordinarily humbling. After treatment, my patients leave with a different energy, a spring in their step, a different outlook, and most importantly, a new smile. Witnessing this is always an incredible moment, no matter how long or difficult the day has been. I am always grateful to have the opportunity to improve the lives of my patients.