Mothers set the tone in the home as faithful and consistent caregivers—ready to listen, love, and make thousands of decisions day after day. If you’re a mother, your decisions also include finding the best healthcare professionals for all of the people under your roof.  From the smallest of children to the maturest of adults, they are trusting your judgment.

However, even with careful research and decision-making, there are times when a change is necessary. Whether there’s been a cross-country move or your beloved family caregiver has recently retired, you’re the best person to guide your family through moving to a new doctor or dentist. We’re here to help with these 4 tips to quickly and efficiently switch to a new family dentist.

1. Begin the Search Online

If you’ve just moved to a new town, social media platforms like Facebook can be extremely helpful when looking for a new family dentist. Many cities have Facebook groups for moms living in that particular city. Join several and share your story. You’re sure to meet dozens of moms ready and willing to help you on your search.

If your dentist has recently retired and you’re looking for a new dentist in the same city, ask trusted friends and neighbors about their dentist. If you know a family with ages of children close to yours, you’ll have an even more detailed recommendation.

Once you have 3-5 recommended dentists, do a bit more research by looking at their websites and social media pages like Facebook. You’ll immediately get a feel for the office, the people, and the atmosphere.  You can also read reviews left by other parents to see what people like the most about them.

When researching online, consider:

  • Are you interested in finding one new family dentist that can see children and adults of all ages?
  • Do you want the ease of requesting appointments online?
  • How close to your home do you want your dentist?
  • Do you want one provider that can take care of everything from general care to orthodontics and even oral surgeries?

After your online research, it’s time to visit your top 1-2 dentists in-person.

2. Tour the Office & Talk with the Staff

Call the new family dentist office a few days ahead of time and ask about coming in for a tour. Office staff should be more than happy to accommodate your request at a time convenient for you. If you’d like to meet the dentist, be sure to mention it in your call giving them time to include the meeting as part of your tour.

Before your tour, take a few minutes to think of any questions or special concerns you may have regarding your family’s dental care.  During the tour, talk with office support staff and dental hygienists and observe the patients. Do you see a range of ages? Do the employees seem friendly and compassionate?  Can you envision your family inside the practice feeling at ease and comfortable while receiving dental care?

After talking with the staff and setting foot inside the practice, you’ll have the information you need to move forward with your new family dentist.

3.Transfer Medical Records

Talk to your new family dentist about transferring your records. They may be able to help by requesting them from your old dentist. However, most dental practices have a form that must be completed with your signature to complete the transfer. The simple form is a safety measure designed to protect details regarding your identity as well as your medical history.

If you do need to call your old dentist yourself, don’t worry. While it may feel a bit uncomfortable, patients change healthcare providers all the time and the office support staff see this process as a routine part of managing their practice.

4. Make the Appointment

Now it’s time to make your first appointment with your new dentist. Be sure to reference your recent visit to their office and share any additional concerns you have before coming in as a new patient.

Making the transition to a new family dentist doesn’t have to be time-consuming or difficult. Following these tips will help make the process seamless, shorten your long to-do list by at least one task, give you more time with your family, and boost your confidence in your new dental care provider.

For more information about our patient-first vision of complete dental care, contact Simply Beautiful Smiles.  Our entire team look forward to welcoming you to our practice and serving the dental needs of you and your family for years to come.